3 way plug valve - 4 way plug valve


Structural features

A 3 way plug valve or 4 way plug valve is applicable to change the media flowing direction or to distribute the media, that are used in various industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, pharmacy, chemical fertilizer, power industry etc. under nominal pressure class 150-900Lbs, PN 1.0-16.0, Working temperature -29°C-550°C.

  1. The product has reasonable structure, reliable sealing,excellent performance and beautiful appearance.
  2. According to different conditions, the 3 way plug valve, 4 way plug valve can be designed into diverseful media flowing forms (eg."L" type or "T"type) or all kinds of meterials (eg.lron, cast steel, stainless steel ) or unlike sealing froms (eg. Metal to metal, sleeve Type, lubricated, etc).
  3. The materials of the parts and sizes of flanges can be reasonably configured according the actual operation condition of the requirements of the customers, so as to meet the various needs of engineering.

Technical specification - 3 way plug valve

Structural information                                       .BB-BG
Driving manerWrench,worm & worm gear pneumatlc,electrlc-actuated
Design standardAP1599, AP16D, GB12240
Face to faceASME B16.10, GB12221, DIN3202
Flange endsASME B16.5, JB79, GB9113, DIN2543-2545
Test & inspectionAP1598, AP16D, GB13927, DIN3230


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