Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I have OEM products?

A: Yes, we can make OEM products. Depends on quantities and delivery time.

Q: Can I send inspector to check the goods in your factory?

A: Yes, outside inspectors are welcome to check the goods in our factory once they are ready.

Q: Which certification can I get with the goods?

A: All the products are supplied with EN 10204-3.1 certifcation for materials

Q: Which is the maximum pressure range of your valves?

A: For inverted lubricated plug valve, the maximum pressure we can supply is 2500LB and for sleeve type plug valve, the maximum pressure we can supply is 600LB

Q: Can I get plug valves with VITON seat?

A: Sorry, we cannot supply valves with Viton seat, the seat material we adopt is PTFE.

Q: Can I get plug valves in cast iron / ductile iron?

A: Sorry, we supply only plug valves in carbon steel and stainless steel

Q: Can I get plug valves in DIN standard?

A: From the technical aspect, we can produce the plug valve in DIN standard. But all our existing molds are with ANSI standard. If you have large quantity of requirement for DIN standard plug valve, we can made mold with DIN standard especially for you. But if the quantity is small, we can only supply plug valves with ANSI face to face standard, but with DIN flanges.

Q: Can I get split body plug valves?

A: Actually, the plug valve we can make is one-piece body and we are not manufacturing the split body plug valve. The split body plug valve is a total different type of plug valve comparing with our one-piece body plug valve and we are unable to fabricate this kind of plug valve.

Q: Which maximum temperature plug valves works?

A: The working temperature for our types of plug valve as follow:
For Sleeved type plug valve: PTFE sleeve shall not exceed 150℃, PPL sleeve shall not exceed 280℃.
For inverted pressure balance lubricated plug valve, the working temperature normally is less then 80℃. But if we use special grease, the temperature can reach to 120℃.
For Lifting type plug valve, Maximum working temperature is 350℃.

Q: Which type of painting do you use?

A: Our standard painting is polyurethane painting suitable up to 100°C and can be blue or silver colour.
We can use a paint suitable up to 200°C made in special resin with aluminium pigment. It can be silver or other colour (to be defined with you). With extra cost of about 2%.
We can use a paint suitable up to 400°C made in silicon resin. Silver colour. With extra cost of about 5%

Q: Can plug valves be installed vertically?

A: Our plug valves can only be installed horizontally and cannot be installed in vertical way.

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