Floating Ball Valves


Floating ball valves are suitable for being used on various pipelines, from Class 150 to Class2500, from PN 16 to PN 100, from JIS 10K to JIS 20K.
Floating ball valves can be supplied with flange connection or but welding ends.
Floating ball valves can be operated with handwheel, worm gear, pneumatic or electric actuators.

Realiable seat seal

Realible-seat-sealThe structure design of elestic sealing ring has been adopted for floating ball valves. This seat design features a bigger sealing pressure ratio between the ring surface and the ball when medium pressure gets lower, where the contacting area is smaller. Thus, the reliable seal is ensured. When the medium pressure gets higher, the contacting area between seat ring and ball becomes bigger as the sealing ring transforms elastically to undertake the bigger force pushed by the medium without any damage.

Fire safe design

With the valve heatend in fire application, the non-metalmaterial parts such as seat sealing ring of PTFE, stem backseat gasket, gland packing, and the sealing gasket between body and bonnet might disintegrate or be damaged due to high temperature. ZHEDONG specia design structure of auxiliary metal to metal seal is provided to effectively prevent both internal and external leakage of the valves. As required by Customers, ZHEDONG floating ball valves with design can meet the requirement of API 607, API 6FA, BS 6755 and JB/T 6899.

Reliable stem seal

Realible-stem-seal1The blow-out proof design has been adopted for the stem to ensure that even if the pressure in the body cavity is risen accidently and the packing flange becomes invalid, the stem may not be blow out by medium. The stem features the design of with a backseat, being assembled from underneath. The sealing force against the backseat gets higher as the medium pressure becomes higher. So the reliable seal of the stem can be assured under variable medium pressure.

The traditional packing flage design has been improved to be two pieced structure i.e., Being anglad flange and gland, the latter contacts the gland flange with spherical surface. Thus, the glad always remain vertical, and is lined internally with PTFE bush to prevent the galling against and friction between the stem, which can reduce the operation torque of the valve.

V type packing structure has been employed to effectively transform the pushing force of the gland flange and the medium pressure into the sealing force against the stem.

based on customers’ requirement, a packing tightening desing may be employed to botain more reliable stem packing seal, which is loaded by bevelling spring.

Anti-static design

Anti-staic-designThe traditional packing flange design has been improved to be two pieces structure, i.e., Being a packing flange plate and follower, the latter contacts the flange plate with sphericl surface.

Thus, the follower always remain vertical, and is lined internally with a PTFE bush to prevent the stem the galling against and between friction which can reduce the operation torque od the valve.

Wrong operation prevention

Anti-static-designTo prevent the ball valve from wrong operation, the keylock with 90° of open and close positioning pad has been provided, which can be lock as required. At the stem head, where thelever fixer, a flat is designed that the valve opens with the lever in parallel to piping, and with the lever right-angled to the piping, the valve is closed. So, it is ensured that the valve indicator of Cpening and closing never make mistake.

Mounting pad provided

Mounting-pad-provided1ZHEDONG company has provide for floating ball valve with Amounting pad for fixing the actuators, such as worm gear pneumatic, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic & hydraulic acturtors.