manufacturer-plug11Our company manufacture exploits more than 600 CNC sets and conventional machine tools, inspection and testing equipments which are used to manufacture our products.

It is part of an automized supply-chain, designed to enable us to respond quickly and efficiently to the highest standards.

Our products are widely used in the chemical industry, fertilizer, metallurgy, pharmacy, electric power industry, as well as liquefied petroleum gas, construction and fire protection, pipe system valves station and many other applications.

We exporte to more than 30 countries such as USA, JP, UK, Canada, Italy, Spain, Venezuela, Netherland, Germany, France, Brazil, India, Mexico, Iran, Russia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Kirghizistan, Kuwait, Libya, Havana, Turkey, Pakistan, Korea, Thailand etc.

With high content of technology and reliable quality, our products enjoy a good reputation. Contact us now and get a free plug valves quote.

Headquarters and Factory
Anfeng Industrial Park – Dong’ou Industrial Zone, Oubei, Wenzhou

International Sales Office
Via A. Moro, 61 San Donato Milan – Italy

☎ Phone: +39 02 87 166 867
✉ E-mail:
✉ E-mail: