Quality11We encourage the continuous improvement of our business approach through the enforcement of the employee participation.

The quality of our products is guarantee. All our valves are manufactured in compliance with the main international standards such as ISO 9001 and 14001.

Our company strategy is to become acknowledged within the industry as innovators. We are determined to introduce our products into new markets and develop innovative concepts for the existing markets.

The continous care of our customers and our work in anticipating industry requirements, allows us to continue in delivering best value valve.

Headquarters and Factory
Anfeng Industrial Park – Dong’ou Industrial Zone, Oubei, Wenzhou

International Sales Office
Via A. Moro, 61 San Donato M.se Milan – Italy

☎ Phone: +39 02 87 166 867
✉ E-mail: export@zhedong-valve.com
✉ E-mail: sales@plugvalvefactory.com