The PANS Story

Before its enormous success not just in China, but as one of the top valves manufacturing companies, PANS Zhedong High and Middle Pressure Valve has its humble beginnings.

In 1981, Mr. Pan graduated from university and decided to work in a state-owned valve manufacturer in Wenzhou. For 4 years, he worked hard selling valves for the company and had some very good customers there. However, in 1985, an economic crisis hit China. This caused the state-owned valve company to lower their production. Seeing the company go from very productive to less efficient, Mr. Pan decided to leave and start his own company.

He had a few resources when he started his own valve manufacturing company. He bought second-hand equipment, rented a factory, and had a few good friends join him as technical and administrative staff. During those times in 1985, the valve industry in China was not doing well, so the challenge for him and his colleagues is to produce much better quality valves, and that was exactly what they did. It is with this reason that the company he built was able to sell its valve products fast all over China. Truly, their valves are of much-better quality compared to the ones manufactured by his former state-owned valve manufacturing employer.

Because of dedication and commitment to providing its customers with quality products, Mr. Pan’s company grew rapidly that they needed to move to a bigger production factory. So, as the years passed, and as the demand for their valves increased, they had to continuously expand their operations. They rented out new and bigger buildings until such time that they already have 6 separate workshops, each specializing in a single production for (1) ball valves, (2) forging valves, (3) gate valves, (4) plug/bellow-sealed valves, (5) globe/check valves, and (6) other valves.

In 2006, PANS opened a new factory in Shanghai for the production of gate, globe/check, and ball valves. This is because the Shanghai government imposes good policies on taxation, and the land rental is way cheaper than in Wenzhou. Also, Shanghai’s geographical location is nearer to the international container hub.

Having various workshops in different locations increased the cost of transportation. This is the reason why Mr. Pan decided to build a new factory in Wenzhou in 2009, moving all the workshops into 1 huge factory. PANS bought additional equipments and improved its machining centre to produce more high-quality valves in a quicker pace. Doing so made it easy for the management to run the company, also lowering the transportation costs.

Today, plug, forging, and bellow-sealed valves are produced in the Wenzhou factory. With PANS’ dedication to its corporate goals, it is now one of the most competitive companies in the valve manufacturing industry.

Headquarters and Factory
Anfeng Industrial Park – Dong’ou Industrial Zone, Oubei, Wenzhou

International Sales Office
Via A. Moro, 61 San Donato Milan – Italy

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