Three Way Floating Ball Valve

Three-way-ball-valve11Three way floating ball valve are used for switch over, mix and divide the flow of corrosive or noncorrosive liquid, gas or powdery mediums. Upon opening and closing, the smooth flow channel loss less pressure effects, making operation quite labor-saving and maintenancefairly easy. The five types of flow direction (figure on the right, 1 for L-shaped and 4 for T-shaped) to meet different technological requirements. It can be hand, air andelectrically operated.

Structural features

  1. Valve seat can be designed into four-side seated float ball and fixed ball with smooth fluid state and reliable seal.
  2. The structure may be designed into side installed type and top installed type, with tow ways seal, no, series flow upon switchover of flow direction;
  3. Anti-flyoit designof valve stem
  4. Antistatic design
  5. Two-position (ON and OFF) lockup design

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