What Makes Us Different from Other Manufacturers

As one of the leading and biggest valve manufacturer in China we have gained a lot of experience in international market during the years.

Our brand is well known all over the world and we can make sure of your 100% satisfaction.

This is why we are proud to tell you that we are



We keep the quality of our services and products on top by complying with international requirements for material and wall thickness.


Unlike other companies who delegate orders to sub-suppliers, we maintain control for full production of our products within our own factories. This can assure you that every valve we manufacture is created with the same quality control standards.


To reach out to a wider market, we have established international sales offices in Europe and America. This means that you can visit or contact these offices, which can spell convenience for nearby international customers instead of getting in touch with our main factory in China. This can only attest to our claims of having international customers that are very satisfied with our products and services

Headquarters and Factory
Anfeng Industrial Park – Dong’ou Industrial Zone, Oubei, Wenzhou

International Sales Office
Via A. Moro, 61 San Donato M.se Milan – Italy

☎ Phone: +39 02 87 166 867
✉ E-mail: export@zhedong-valve.com
✉ E-mail: sales@plugvalvefactory.com