For 30 years we have been manufacturing plug valves with passion and dedication. There is an interesting story why we have developed all the plug valves sector and we want to share with you.


In PANS Zhedong High and Middle Pressure Valve we started to produce the common globe, check, and gate valves in 1985 with quite good success.

During that time, there were a lot of Chinese manufacturers that were creating the same types of valves. Needless to say, there was too much competition. This situation made it hard for our business to fully thrive keeping high quality valves. This is because most customers still prefer low-cost valves even if it means sacrificing quality. As per our policy we did not want to sacrifice quality because it would be a big risk for long term cooperation with some of our main customers. On the same time we needed quite good volume of orders to keep the factory running and growing with new investments.

Great thing happened in 1989. One of our Italian customer told us that there were no manufacturers of plug valves in China. So we did our own research and started manufacturing plug valves.
To make sure that we only produce the best quality plug valves, we studied the best DIN and ANSI standard valves taken from the best European and American manufacturers. Finally we managed to comply to them and we created our firsts sleeved plug valves. All valves now have the main international certifications.

Research and Development... our focus

In our continuous quest for business growth, we researched and produced the first lubricated plug valves for our American customer in 1991. We are so thankful that both our sleeve type plug valves and lubricated plug valves earned such excellent domestic and international reputation. The succeeding years, our company introduced several types of plug valves and we even offer customized valves according to customers’ preferences.

To date, we are proud to say that we are the only Chinese manufacturer that has the longest and most credible experience in plug valves manufacturing. We can make from 2” to 36” plug valves in different steel materials as well as pressures from 150 to 2500 lbs. At present, we manufacture 6 different types of PLUG valves

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